In the woods.


By Haris.

Well, in the woods you do lots of things like exploring and fire lighting and we go there every Tuesday.

Last Tuesday we didn’t go to the woods because of the trees are falling of the Bo’ness Journal.

Before the Christmas Holidays in the woods I was keeping getting sticks.

When we were doing the fire lighting this man called STEVE COIL. I like him.

2 Responses to “In the woods.”

  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hello Haris,
    I like your interesting story about the walks on Tuesdays. After the storm we were not to go into the woods and when we went yesterday we saw lots of fallen trees. All the boys seemed to learn a lot from Steve. I’m glad you have fun there – are you going to wear your wellingtons next week?

  2.   Nicola and Gina Says:

    hi i am gald you are having fun at the woods every week, i know Gina and myself love coming along with you all!


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