Our Outdoor Classroom.


By Dean.

One day on Tuesday we had really good times going to the outdoor classroom. We saw Ace walk into big puddle. I thought he was going to get drenched. We got splitted up to find a den. We had found the best den because we had a good shelter. We found a big log at the other group. Then we had some hot chocolate and we sat on the log. I had another cup of hot chocolate and it smelled of macaroni.

We went to pack up all the stuff to go back to Deanburn. Me and Ace walked into the big puddles. We kept on walking and walking and walking till we got back to Deanburn. Some of us went to the front door to open the door. So Mr Antolak had a little talk with us. Then I went home.

Then when I got home I got a cup of tea. Then I sat at the computer and played Bloons tower defence 5.

2 Responses to “Our Outdoor Classroom.”

  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hello Dean,
    I really enjoyed your story about the fun we have at the outdoor classroom. I like all the different things we see in the woods and enjoy all the walking too. I usually have a cup of coffee when I get home and a little rest.

  2.   Nicola and Gina Says:

    I enjoyed reading your story, we were tired when we got back to school today, We like a cup of tea when we get home too! See you next Tuesday.


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