by Dylan N.

Now that the aliens had entered earth and destroyed the SAS army base it began to turn into a big war. Some were in the sky. The SAS army squad had reached the city of San Andreas. They flew towards the airport.
“All right boys”, said Captain Frank, “we’ve reached San Andreas. We will put San Andreas into red alert. Got it?”
“Yes sir”, said the soldiers.
“We will stop the aliens there going down, but first we have to get the citizens to the SAS air raid shelter”.
Then the chopper stopped. It was into hover mode to auto level the helicopter.
“Right we have landed men”, said Captain Frank. “Pvt Jo, stay close with us. This time we don’t want to lose you”.
“Ok captain”, said Pvt Jo.
“Right boys, the SAS army truck will be here in 5 minutes”, said Captain Frank. “We’ll be here at the gate”.

Then an hour later Sgt Hardwick looked in the sky and saw something. It was shaped like a pancake.
“Sir”, said Hardwick.
“What is it my man?”
Sgt Hardwick pointed at the strange object far in the sky.
“It’s a UFO”, he said.
“ Let me look”.
He reached into his pocket to get his binoculars and looked at the object.
“Oh no”, shouted Captain Frank. “Guys we got trouble. Aliens are coming”.
“They knew we were here”, Pvt Jo shouted out to attract Captain Frank’s attention. Then the army truck came.
“Everyone get in shouted the driver.
Pvt Jo Sgt Hardwick and Sgt Endor and the others got in. captain frank sat in the front with the driver.
“Go go GO” shouted Captain Frank.
The truck sped away at high speed. Fast. Then the alien UFO followed them.
“ITS COMING AFTER US”, shouted Pvt Snedd.
Captain Frank turned round and saw it.
“Guys take out that UFO”, he said.
But while he was talking the UFO started causing chaos and aiming its laser at buildings to stop the SAS army getting away. pvt Jo started firing the rockets at the craft which didn’t even blow up.
“Huh”, shouted Pvt Jo.
He fired another rocket and hit the craft again but still it didn’t blow up.
“WHA”, shouted Pvt Jo “CAPTAIN”.
Captain Frank turned round to talk to Pvt Jo
“ What is it he said?”
“Look for yourself”.
“HUH” he said, “Why it is not destroyed?”
“Because its bullet proof”, shouted Jo again.
“Oh I forgot about that”, shouted Frank.

About 8 minutes later the SAS squad army finally made it to the San Andreas government to tell the president to put the city into red alert about the aliens.
“President”, shouted Captain Frank.
“Who are you”, shouted President Parker?
“We are the SAS army and San Andreas is in danger of an alien invasion”, shouted Captain Frank again.
“WHAT”, shouted the president?
“Look I don’t know how but these aliens destroyed our base. Now we can’t go back in to the desert because it’s totally blown to shreds. It’s like some one’s house has been blown down. But this is an alien attack”.
“Aliens! But it can’t be. Is it the end of the world?”
“No it won’t be as long as we protect our citizens”.

But then outside there was a large bang like the sound of a UFO crashing. But no this was a giant alien crash.
“Something’s out there”, said Pvt Jo. “Is it a UFO?”
“I don’t know”, said captain Frank Endor. “Sprengler, go out there and find some clues “.
“Yes sir”.
The two soldiers went out and closed the door.
“All right men we really need to stop the aliens or else they kill everyone. We have to work. Now let’s work”, shouted Captain Frank.

Mean while outside in the street, Endor and Sprengler were looking for the clues with the crashed UFO which lay crashed near the bushes.
“Right Endor scan for any sounds or clues”, said Sprengler.
Endor started doing what he was told.
“Endor, what as that”, shouted Sprengler?
“I do not know”, Endor said. “I’ll find out”.
“All right, that’s really creeping me out”, said Endor.
“We should go see what it was”, Sprengler said.
So they went round the back.
The sound seems to be coming from the courtyard
“We better see”, Endor said with his gun out.
Sprengler and Endor walked round and saw a crashed UFO.
“So it was that UFO that made the noise”.

Then all of a sudden the sound of a door was opening and it was coming from the UFO. Sgt Endor and Pvt Sprengler backed away and hid. Out came a tall alien. He looked to the left and looked to the right. Then the alien turned and headed for the place where Endor and Sprengler were hiding.
“Gulp!”, said Endor.
He reached into his pocket and grabbed a pistol.
“Aaaaaaah!” shouted Endor.
He shot the alien.

Meanwhile, inside the San Andreas government, captain frank was speaking to President Parkerson.
“This alien war is going on. The more long this goes the more ugly this will get”.
BANG BANG BANG .The shots from Endor’s pistol made a racket.
“SIR!” he shouted from the end of the walkie talkie.
Captain Frank picked it up.
“Hello Endor. Thank goodness. Did you find any clues”, he said?
“We did find one clue. A crashed UFO”.
“A crashed UFO. Good”.
“But worse. There was aliens inside it and now there attacking us”.
“Where are you”, said Captain Frank?
“We’re in the court yard. Come and help us. My gun is almost out of ammo”.
“Right. Sending Sgt Hardwick and Pvt Jo to help you”.

Pvt Jo and Sgt Hardwick ran to the courtyard and hid next to Endor.
“All right how do we kill them?”
“Use the rocket launcher. It will be useful”, said Ender.
So Pvt Jo picked up the rocket launcher and aimed for the UFO and aliens.
“FIRE”, shouted Ender .
“Ohhhhhhh, man that scared me. How can a rocket that’s POWERFUL be really fast?”, shouted Sprengler getting up from the ground.

On the way back in, Pvt Jo told Captain Frank their story.
“Ender and Sprengler told us the UFO was really weak compared to the one that was chasing us”.
“Wow, seems like its power is bullet-proof”, said Captain Frank. “We’re moving to a new base so were going there now”, he said.
“You got to be joking”, said Sgt Hardwick.
“Nope”, said captain frank. The truck is just outside and it’s waiting for us so. Now let’s go”.
Everyone followed the captain to the truck parked near the kerb.
“There hasn’t been any more UFOs”, said Pvt Jo.
“I think they’re still in the sky somewhere”, said Captain Frank. “What do they want?”

Soon everyone had entered the truck. Just then president parker came rushing out.
“Mister Frank, we have put San Andreas into red alert”.
“Right”, said Captain Frank. “When those aliens come there’s going to be a big war”.
“Ok. Good bye”, shouted the president.

Then the truck drove away to the new base where the super attacking squad.
“Pvt Jo”, said Frank.
“We are going to our new base but it’s not in the desert, it’s in the hills now”.
“Right”, Jo said.
Soon the SAS army made it to their new base.
“Ok men. We are now going in so president parker will put San Andreas into red alert to warn everyone that the aliens are coming. So in we go”.
Captain Frank showed the men to their new bedrooms and their new headquarters.
“All right men, we have to get to work and the president is going to put San Andreas into red alert in 5 4 3 2 1”.
The alarm was put in to red alert and it all was put on all over the state of San Andreas, San Fierro and Las Venturas and even Los Santos.
“Right the red alert is on everyone. Let’s get to work and find clues to aliens, where they are coming from or what they want. Now Pvt Anderson Sgt walker and Sgt Hardwick go up to the highlands and try to find some UFOs or aliens”.
“Yes sir”, they said.
“Now go”, said Captain Frank.

So they opened the door and marched down the hall way.
“Captain”, said Pvt Jo.
“What is it my boy?”
“Come here”.
Captain Jo walked towards Jo’s desk.
“What is it”, he said?
“Some things strange about that signal. It’s not working. It’s a vapour from a spaceship”.
“Try using SAS army code”, said Captain Frank.
“I can’t. Those codes seem to be blocked”, said Jo again.
“But how something or someone is trying to gain access”.

Mean while up in the highlands, Pvt Anderson and Sgt walker and Sgt Hardwick were up on the hills trying to look for clues and find a UFO.
“Hey”, said Pvt Anderson, “I think we should split-up and find something”.
“Right”, said Sgt Hardwick.
So the three men split up to search for clues. While looking round Sgt walker found a small piece of metal on the ground and there was strange writing on it.-=-=-=-=-=-[][][][][][][].
“Huh these strange. Guys, come here”.
Sgt Hardwick and Pvt Anderson ran to Sgt walker.
“What’s that you’re holding?
“Look”, said Sgt Walker giving Hardwick the metal.
A strange noise that boomed and zapped filled the sky. Sgt Hardwick turned round and he saw a UFO coming towards them.
“GUYS!” he shouted.
The three solders ran and ducked inside the building. And CRASH the UFO crashed with a boom. Out came tall looking men. They were aliens. Sgt Hardwick shot at the alien. And he died.

Meanwhile back at the base, Captain Frank was still trying to gain access to the blocked code. Something was messing with it.
“Hey Jo. This blocked code is not a code, it is a signal. An unidentified flying object”.
“Huh. So the signal that was messing with the monitor all along was an UFO”.
“Yes”, said Captain Frank.” UFO means unidentified flying object, but UFO for short”.
“Huh”, said Pvt Jo. “Now that explains it”.
“Hello”, said Captain Frank picking out his phone.
“CAPTAIN”, shouted Sgt walker. “Me and the others are at a building in the highlands and were in danger”.
“What is it?”
“A UFO or aliens”
“Yip it is”.
“What?”, said Frank. “Stay in the building and try to shoot them. Over and out. Guys we’ve got trouble one of our men are trapped in the highlands. Now move up”.

So every solder followed Captain fFank. And they headed to the highlands. So 4 solders got in tanks and 6 got in choppers. And headed up the hill.
“I can’t take this anymore”, said Pvt Anderson.
“Don’t worry man. Help is one the way”.

More UFOs crashed and now it got worse.
The three men looked out and saw their army coming. The UFOs crashed and more were coming.
“Move up”, shouted Captain Frank from the chopper flying over the crashed UFO that lay there blank with aliens coming out the door.
“ALIENS DIE!” shouted Pvt Jo firing a minigun at the aliens.
They shot at the UFO but it was bullet proof.
There was a massive explosion.

Meanwhile down on the ground, Sgt Hardwick and Pvt Anderson Sgt walker got up.
“Captain”, they shouted.
“What happened here?”
“The aliens came but here’s something we found. Something”.
“What’s that?” shouted Captain Frank as the chopper landed gently.
“It’s a strange piece of metal we found in the building. There seems to be strange writing on it”.
“Hand it to me”, said Captain Frank grabbing the piece of metal. “Huh”, he said. “This writing makes no sense.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [][][][][][][][][]. What is this?” he said. “We better go back to the base and try to see what this is”.

After the battle Captain Frank scanned the piece of metal with the strange writing on it. What did it mean? Pvt Jo went up to him and looked at it?
“That writing looks like nothing on earth”, he said.
Captain Frank scanned it again.
Sgt Hardwick spoke out and tried reading the letters.”-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [][][][][][][][][][][][] .Pvt Jo that writing seems to say something” he said. “Type it in on the computer”.
“Right”, Pvt Jo said.
While he began to type in the letters, Captain Frank was still scanning the piece of metal.
“ This no use”, he said. “What is this metal used for and where is it from?”
Pvt Jo typed in the unknown letters. Then he found a signal the letters were meaning. Something in alien language. Then the screen was loading up the timer to see what those letters mean. Then suddenly the screen went blank and it was turned off.
“Sir”, said Jo, “something went wrong”.
Captain Frank stopped scanning and looked at the screen.
“What is it? Did you find anything about those strange letters”, he said?
“No, it just went blank on me”.
“Huh this sounds fishy”, said Captain Frank. Ok everyone, we are up to the briefing room to out about this metal”.

Soon every SAS army solder grabbed the metal and walked carefully up stairs to the briefing room. After walking up those stairs Captain Frank told them to put it on the table in the middle of the room.
“Now we can find out why this metal is not on internet”.
After then Pvt Jo Sgt Hardwick and Sgt walker and the others had finally reached the upper floor and into the briefing room.
“Sir, we’re here”.
“Great, what took you so long?”
“Sorry. The elevator went to floor 6 and we had to walk down the stairs to get here”, they said.
“Well now we need to find and understand the truth. Why the aliens are here to destroy the world”, said Captain Frank.
“Everyone, attention. This war will start going bad the more we don’t work”.
BANG ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, screamed the engine sound of a UFO.
“SIR, WHAT WAS THAT?” shouted captain frank.
“Never mind sir, it was just a UFO. We shot it down said the guard from the watch tower and talking into his walkie talkie”.
“Ok then, see you soon. Right as I was saying, this alien in invasion has begun to rise. Ever since we left our base in the desert it became worse. Now men does anyone have any questions before we start?”
“I have”, said Sgt Hardwick.
“Hardwick, what is your question?”
“We now know that the aliens have fast UFOs and have destroyed our base. The truth is where are the aliens coming from?”
There was a long silence. Captain Frank put down his crayon and stared at everyone.
“What? WHAT”, shouted everyone?

To be continued.mmmmmm


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