The Spirit and Jacup Story. Part One.


by Liam.

Once upon a time there was a tribe of ancient Indians.  The chief had two sons named Spirit and Jacup.

When they were ten, their village was under attack. Their father took them into a tent. He told Spirit that he could turn into an eagle and Jacup could turn into the mighty wolf. They went to help the people. One of the men got into their tent and killed their mum and dad.  Spirit ran after the murderer. The murderer was too fast because he could turn into a cheetah. Jacup turned into his wolf form and Spirit jumped on his back and ran after the murderer.   Spirit turned into his eagle form and picked up the murderer and flew up to the sky and dropped the murderer. He fell from five miles off the ground and one of the king’s men saw Spirit and Jacup.  He took them to the king. The king made them his Royal Knights and they saved the city from bad people.  The king betrayed them and sent all of his men after them.  Jacup ran with Spirit on his back because they did not have full strength over their powers.

They hid in the city. In five minutes time they will have full strength over their powers. They found an old abandoned house. That’s where they would hide for the five minutes.  Then they would have full power over their strength.

Now they had full power, Jacup went after 10 guards.  One of the guards punched him 10 times right in the face.  The guard broke his knuckles.  Spirit went after the 10 guards and Spirit could punch them from miles away. Jacup and Spirit met in the abandoned house to make a plan to go after the king.  Jacup came up with a plan. Spirit could distract the guards while Jacup could creep up on the king and fling him in the dungeon and they could become kings.

So they done the plan and it worked.  They became kings.  They kept balance in the world and they lived happily ever after.

The End

(Partially scribed by Mrs Smith).

2 Responses to “The Spirit and Jacup Story. Part One.”

  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    This is a really imaginative story Liam – I was really impressed with your ideas and how quickly you thought of the story. You dictated the part I typed very quickly and it was hard to keep up with you. I like your picture of Spirit and Jacup. Well done.

  2.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    This is a great imaginative story Liam – I was amazed how quickly you thought through your ideas and dictated it quicker than I could type! I like your picture of Spirit and Jacup. Well done.
    I am really pleased that you won the raffle too. Congratulations.


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