The Spirit and Jacup Story. Part 2.


by Liam.

They were in bed until China was under attack. They went to help China but King Kong was there. Spirit turned into eagle form and picked up Jacup and flung him on to King Kong’s shoulder. He cut King Kong’s head off and went to the master of All Villains but he was too fast. They came up with a plan. Jacup would distract him while Spirit creeps up behind him. Spirit put him in jail but he escaped then he made chaos in the city.

They went after him but he had a big giant huge army of gorillas. Jacup Jumped over them and Spirit fly over them and killed him and lived happily ever after.

The end

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  1.   Nicola and Gina Says:

    hi Liam, what an exciting story, the army of gorillas sound scary!


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