Dragons 3.


by Spencer.

Jimmy and Patch having a good time at the park and the boys and girls having fun too.
“Time to go home”, said Jimmy.
“Let’s go to the woods”, said Patch and they went to the woods.
The Time Reporter is started to go on and then Jimmy and Patch went in. Jimmy and Patch went inside the Time Reporter and the dragons are sleeping on the ground. And Jimmy and Patch saw the fire dragon, but the fire dragon was sleeping.

The army planes try to kill the dragons but the fire dragon was saving Jimmy and Patch. But the army planes are gone. Jimmy and Patch saw a tunnel, but Jimmy and Patch were sitting down.

Jimmy and were have to go home for their dinner. And then they home had their dinner and a bath and they went to bed.

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  1.   Nicola and Gina Says:

    Really like your story and your drawing is really good as well.


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