On Tuesday we went to the woods.


by Scott.

On Tuesday we went to the woods.

When we were at the woods, me and Mr Antolak found a toad and the rest of the class came to see the toad. And after that we headed up to the woods and it was great even if some people were being bad.

Corey told me to go into a puddle, and he told me and Ace that it was warm. So we went in. But the water wasn’t warm. it was freezing. So I ran with my cold feet. I jumped in the mud. And it was fun, but not when it was all over your clothes. But it was still very fun.

We found sticks to make a bow and it was a fun day. I would be very sad if we didn’t get to go to the woods. I loved exploring the woods. It was great. There were lots of places in the woods to explore. Because you have got Kinneil House.

We soon headed back to school. Then we waited till it was time to go home and I went to my taxi. Then I wasnt me and told my gran and granda what I had been doing. I told my gran and granda I was in the mud and they went, “Aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Scott. Not again”.

Then I told my mum and she said, “Aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Scott. Not again”. Then I went home and played on my laptop. And I like playing Happy wheels on my laptop, then my ps3. Sometimes I play on my psp. After that I done my homework. Then went to bed with my laptop and played on it before I went to bed. I had fun before I went to bed but I had a sore throat because I jumped in freezing water. I took a throat sweet before I went to sleep.

I was missing Dylan on the trip because he was in my group but we kind of still had a lot of fun. But it was funny when Darren jumped into the puddle and said, “Muddy puddles!”

And I was like, “Darren stop doing that “, because it was so funny. They should have put it on the funniest moments on TV. I was so tired after all that running.

The last time we were at the woods we found a squirrel’s skull. But that’s what we reckoned it was. But at my gran’s, my little cousin was being bad. But it was kind of funny when Kenzie hit my mum’s back. After that she hit me, but I think it was still funny and she is only one year old. And she is funny, but not when she bites you, so we will have to learn her before she hurts someone and before she goes to nursery.

But it is very sad that my auntie Michelle can’t move because she is in a wheelchair, and may be in it for life. But I am glad she is still alive, because she could have died. She was in the Western Hospital. That’s all I really want to tell you about her because it is a long story. She was sent to hospital last year in Boxing day and I was really sad on Boxing day. And I heard the Western Hospital was on fire, well some of it. Lucky my auntie wasn’t in hospital when that happened. And I hope my auntie walks again because my gran and granda are very upset. That’s why they have Kenzie, my little cousin, all the time. But she goes into her own house at night time and my uncle Steven tries to get her to sleep.

But it was Dylan’s birthday today and I really hope he has a very good birthday because I had a good birthday and I hope Dylan has a good birthday. When it was my birthday I got psp and ps3 games for my birthday, like Nba2k11 Skyrim Elders Scrolls V and I got Modern Warfare 2 and I got pes 2012 for psp and the warriors smackdown vs raw 2006, I think. But I also got a cake, which I enjoyed. And the day after that it was my uncle Bobby’s birthday and I think he was 64. And then he retired from work and it was the right time to retire at his age. So all I have to say is, “Well done”.

After that it was my cousin Lees birthday and I think he was 36. And I think my little cousin’s birthday is in February 3. I maybe be wrong but my next Birthday I will be 13 years old. Oh noooooooo, I am getting older!

Anyway I like it at Mr Antolak’s. it is fun. At golden time you can bring down a friend, which is kind of cool. And maybe next year I may get the PS vita which looks cool. I think it looks cool. But also on my birthday I got a camera which is cool. I think it will be cool when I use it. And it will be just awesome.

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