Our Visit to Primary 2/1.


by Dylan N.

We went down to P2/1 to show what Alphasmarts are. And we showed them our stories.

I showed them my pictures and told them my story, “Roamer, Bee Bot and the Sound of Evil”. They really liked it and laughed at some funny parts of the story. It was funny. And I showed more of my stories and they liked them.

And Dylan Leadbetter showed them his stuff too. It was fun being down there. Anyway it’s fun, great and really great to show the little ones peoples’ blogs and drawings.

That is the end of my story of going down to p2.



By Scott.

Our visit to the Primary 2/1.

On Monday me and Dylan L and Dylan N and Mr Antolak visited the primary 2/1s. And we visited the primary 2s to show them how to do a story and put it on the blog.


By Dylan L.

I visited p2/1 and I showed them the Blogs. And I showed Dylan Neil’s and Dylan Leadbetter’s blogs. Dylan and Scott helped me.

The p2/1s were nice. They had a wee shot of the Alphasmart and they write their names.

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  1.   Mrs Stephen Says:

    Hi boys
    thank you very much for mentioning us in your blog! P2/1 love your visits and we are so excited about starting our own blog…with your help of course:)


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