April and Tammie’s Adventure.


by Tammie and April.

My best friend is Danny and Chloe. And we played on the Swings. We played hide and seek with them.

When I was in my car, I was going to Tesco’s and I went past Tammie’s house and she waved at me and laughed.

April laughed at me because I made silly faces at her and she started laughing and then Paul (April’s brother) started laughing and then she said “Bye” to me and I said “Bye” to her.

When I was going back I went into Tammie’s house and she was laughing so much that I couldn’t stop.

Tammie came to my house and we played outside on my scooter and we went outside for something to eat.

I said bye to her because it was seven o’clock and I got my jammies on and went to bed and watched Rugrats on my mum’s phone.


2 Responses to “April and Tammie’s Adventure.”

  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hello April
    I liked reading this story that you and Tammie have written together. You have both made it sound like a very fun day with lots of laughs. I hope that you will write more stories as I am sure I would enjoy reading them too.
    Super art work. Well done.

  2.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hello Tammie
    I really enjoyed reading this story about your adventure with April. It sounds a super day together and I hope that you will write more soon. Super art work too – on a lovely sunny day!.
    Well done.


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