By Paul.

A boy cold Paul. He sumtimes go to church.  Won day the church told Paul hes aloud a holiday but he most go alone. So Paul must make a cors (hee cood go and hav a lots and lots of fun, or he cood stay and go to Oban (the raneeist plas in the werld.) Sow he sed dun! Dun! Dun!

Yes yau yau wohoo he seld on the bus when he rifd ran up to my cabun there were free bunk beds. We had lots of fun. We did ab salin raft-bildin, orcirin white water rafting, and the best is skobr divin. But the end wer ner. So wer tent to swimming. It wos spechlis. Ther was a tuno in the pool and it pull you in it. You cod shwim owt sid and ther wos aig slid.

The next day we or going hom. every wun nevr wonted to go hom. But wer orede on the bus. Then I was hom.


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