The first day of school.


By Dylan L.

Tomorrow I am going to my grans. I am going to see the cat, rabbit. He’s black and he’s funny. Every time I try to catch him and he always goes behind the couch. My cat when he’s try to get away she always catches the birds. The two cats is name is Cookie, Snowy and she’s funny. When I get into bed she always comes next to me. Snowy comes in my cover and every time I lie she always lie on my belly.

School is nice and I like the school. My teacher is nice because she gives me good work. Jay is awful nice and he’s a good boy. Jack is good at football. Deanburn is cool. Dylan and Dean and Ace and Scott and Darren they were awful nice to me. I miss them. They have gone to the Academy. Slamannan is awful nice because you can do loads of stuff like you can go to parks, we’ve got two parks. Bo’ness has only got three parks.

I am learning to be good at the piano. And I like Stuart because he is my best friend. He lets me borrow his bike. The Centre. You can do loads of stuff. You can do football, tennis, x-box. And we play football there and do karate. Colin is my karate teacher.


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