by Liam.

On 4th July we were going to Turkey. When we get there we need to wait 2 minutes for the bus. When starts we got in the bus and when we get there we get bands on our wrist. We went to bed.

When we woke up we got dressed and we went to the cafe for breakfast. After breakfast we went to the pool. My mum and granddad got a tattoo when I was in the pool.

After the pool we went to the Rangers bar fish bowl. I got drunk. When went to the hotel I went to the toilet. I was sick in the toilet.

We went on a boat trip and a quad trip.

(Scribed by Spencer)

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  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hi Liam,
    I’m glad you had a good holiday in Turkey and hope you liked the boat trip. I went on a boat trip on my summer holiday too. I’m not sure what a quad trip is? – perhaps you can tell more about it in your next blog.
    I like the photo of you inside a treetrunk. Looking forward to the outdoor classroom again and hope its good weather.


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