Anderson shelters.

October 26, 2012

 by Paul. Anderson shelter is a big metl box. it was made in the world war 2. it was ment to protect peepol from jermins boms. it cood take omost enei fing, but it cant take a direck hit. Sum times peepol gro vejobol on top of the andinsheltur thay wood do enei fin to […]

Stuart in P5.

October 24, 2012

by Stuart. Stuart went out for breakfast. We needed to drive there. Me and my mum and my dad and my wee brother and my baby sister. And we got in the car and dad got in too. And we drived away and we went around two roundabouts and we saw another roundabout and then […]


October 21, 2012

by Paul. I am cold Paul. I love robots wen I was young, so I became a siyntist. I made a few creasshuns but my best is problee is the one I’m working on. A few days ago I saw this film called Spiderman 2. It had a scientist also, and he made a brilliant […]

Sharks boy vs Lava girl

October 14, 2012

By Liam. Once upon a time there wos a lab in the oshin. Shark boy’s father wos a scientist studeein sharks. One day there wos a thunderstorm. It hit the lab then the lab got tore a part. The shark boy  survived. The sharks find him un took him to the cave so they cood […]

The 5 Sisters Zoo.

October 14, 2012

by Ross and Mrs Smith. I went to the zoo on Saturday with my mum my dad my sister, my brother and me. I liked the monkeys because they make funny faces and they swinged about. They laughed at me. And I made funny faces at the monkeys. And the monkeys swung away onto a […]