Sharks boy vs Lava girl


By Liam.

Once upon a time there wos a lab in the oshin. Shark boy’s father wos a scientist studeein sharks.

One day there wos a thunderstorm. It hit the lab then the lab got tore a part. The shark boy  survived. The sharks find him un took him to the cave so they cood train him for the ways of a shark.

He started to grow all kinds of fins. His teeth growed to shark teeth. They made him an outfit. In another galaxy there was another person that he would one day destroy, called Lava Girl. She could shoot lava from out of her hands. She can fly. She can make herself into a blob of lava.

Shark Boy was wandering the ocean. Then a meteor hit land. It was Lava Girl. He followed the meteor. Then he seen someone get out of it. Lava girls flung a bit of lava at him. She missed. Then Shark boy flung a water balloon at her. It missed lava girl than they sarted  to fiyt. Shark boy got burned and  lava girl got a cut. Then Lava girl went back to planet Drule. Shark boy went back to the home cave. They were healing his wounds. One of the sharks told him he was the king of the ocean. His burn got healed. Lava girl got her cut healed.

They met again but in another bit. They were on a thin bit of rock. The rock was collapsing every time they made a move. Shark boy called for his sharks to help him. Lava girl shot lava out of her hands. She missed shark boy but hit the sharks. Shark boy rugby tackled her into the water. She fizzled out. She was the queen of Lavaland. She called for two volcanos so they could give her her lava back. Shark boy punched her two times. Then Lava girl punched him two times. They went back and back and they were about to run up to each other, but the rock collapsed. Shark boy called for a shark to ride. Lava girl called for a lava board to ride. They were fighting on the way down. Shark boy wet dak to the civ Lava girl went home. he went to the battle ground and lava girl was ther. they started to fiyt. shark boy finally flung lava girl in the ocean. Shark boy wins.


2 Responses to “Sharks boy vs Lava girl”

  1.   Paul Says:

    The storee was amazing hope you do a nother story
    from Paul

  2.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hi Liam
    I agree with Paul this is an amazing story. You have lots of fantastic details in it. I liked the big struggle between Lava Girl and Shark Boy. A super story.
    Well done – here’s a friend for Shark Boy!
    (I hope Mr Antolak can put the pic on for me.)


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