The 5 Sisters Zoo.


by Ross and Mrs Smith.

I went to the zoo on Saturday with my mum my dad my sister, my brother and me.

I liked the monkeys because they make funny faces and they swinged about. They laughed at me. And I made funny faces at the monkeys. And the monkeys swung away onto a branch. And the parrot squawked. And the parrot flew to a branch. And then the baby goat said beeeeee-eh. And the big goat ate the grass and the wee goat ate some grass. And the wee goat went back in his house. And the mummy goat come out the house.

I saw a big big snake. It was scary. It had a long tongue. It was yellow.

The bat scared my mum and my mum ran away from the bat. She was screaming.

We went to the zoo in mum’s car. We ate cheese in the moon shop. My brother and sister were fighting in the car and my dad says, “Stop hitting”. And they listened.

I would like to go back to the zoo with just myself and my mum.

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  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Mrs S. Smith says

    Hi Ross
    This is a super story about your zoo trip. I liked it very much.
    I don’t think I would like the snake or bat either. I like to watch the monkeys too. Did you see the meerkats? I like them most of all. It sounds like you had an exciting day.


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