by Paul.

I am cold Paul. I love robots wen I was young, so I became a siyntist. I made a few creasshuns but my best is problee is the one I’m working on.

A few days ago I saw this film called Spiderman 2. It had a scientist also, and he made a brilliant creation. So I tried to copy him. But the first ten times never worked out that well. And the sixth time tried to kill me. Emm, I’m thinking. I need help. So I got some people from Science Fair to help me. They were keep saying, “You are forgetting to put in that and that and that, and that shouldn’t be there, everything is just wrong,” they said. So I kept trying and I finally did it on my twenty seventh try.

And so I put the claws on my back and I started to try to move them, but they just didn’t move. So I was thinking I must have done something wrong. The tue thing was I forgot to turn it on. I turned it on and suddenly something just broke through the window. I looked at it and something greenish black came out and attached to my leg and started spreading all over me. I became unconscious when it reached my head. And when I woken up the gow was gone. I fort it was a dreem, ole if that was true I so the metal clos was on my back. So I got up and started looking for that fing. when I was looking for it I saw a huooj, and I meen huge hole in the wall. wot ever made that dshdrucshin folos.

Evree nite it hapin, so ges wot, I did I did nufing. Wot. do you finc I wood doosav the day. naaaa and it hapin a gen and a gen and a gen.   Hu?



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  1.   Mrs S. Smith Says:

    Hello Paul
    This is a super story – I like the unexpected ending best!
    Off course, yes I did expect you to save the day so it made me laugh when you did nothing!!!
    Is this a bit like the huge hole in the wall?


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