Stuart in P5.


by Stuart.

Stuart went out for breakfast. We needed to drive there. Me and my mum and my dad and my wee brother and my baby sister. And we got in the car and dad got in too. And we drived away and we went around two roundabouts and we saw another roundabout and then we went around it . Then we saw it and we went inside and we saw some flowers.

The sign said wait until someone comes for you. And someone came and got us. They showed us to our table. We needed to join up two tables together. Then we waited for the person to order our food. I had sausages, toast, beans, bread, and steak, meat, chips, beans and four drinks of cola and one drink of apple juice.

When we had eaten it up, my dad took Jodie a wee walk and they went to a wee play sign and mw and my sister and Andrew finished our food. And we went on to find dad and Jodie. We found them in the play sign. We saw Jodie in the ball pit.

After that I went up to the red slide. I went on superfast. I never saw Jodie back at the bottom. I went and knocked her down. Jodie cried and I said sorry and I gave her a wee cuddle and Jodie was happy again. Then Jodie went down the slide and I went with her down the slide. We went to a shop to get Halloween clothes. We got a ninja. We got a sword, we got a sling, we got a girl vampire.

We went out and we went home and I went to bed and I dreamed I was in a big house eating supper and dinner.

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