Anderson shelters.


 by Paul.

Anderson shelter is a big metl box. it was made in the world war 2. it was ment to protect peepol from jermins boms. it cood take omost enei fing, but it cant take a direck hit. Sum times peepol gro vejobol on top of the andinsheltur thay wood do enei fin to get food so thay mad ther om carits potatoes and all kind of vejtables .Anderson shelters are 3 feet under ground so its hord to see it or hit it and mettle to make it was free becos the war. So saw was the gas mascks. They haf too wear them in the Anderson shelter. Ther was a litl light hangin from the top, a small and 2 benches at the side and sum of the ormy cums and checks the shelter.  it wosint  eiziee livin in werld war 2.

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