December 19, 2012

by Ross. A snowman built a house out of snow. The snowman  hit  the snow and the snow fell on the snowman and the snowman shaked his head to get the snow off. And the snowman’s body fell off his head. And the snowman had a carrot nose and a button nose. And a button eyes. […]


December 18, 2012

by Kian. Once upon a time there was a city called Troy. There were a thousand ships and Achilles was there. And they hurt a man. Hector. There was a big giant and there was a hero called Achilles. He was going to build a big horse and the soldiers took it to their hideout. […]

Dick Turpin.

December 14, 2012

by Spencer. CHAPTER 1.  DICK’S FIRST ROB. It was a lovely sunny day he travelled London to York. He saw little village toward him. He was walking with his horse. People went out for work at 11:40 at morning. Dick saw a lady with nobody there. “GOOD MORNING” said Dick. The lady has stopped walking […]