The Kelpies.

August 28, 2013

by Reece. Reece loved the kelples. he wonts to go thar and to go in side. he like them. he wos so happy. thay move awsom nice. thay go back and fowerd. selver it is. am going in it, daying to go in it. am  serch on the internet is on soon on youtube soon. […]


August 28, 2013

by Kian. Once upon a time   I went te zoo  with my nana alexena and sister jennifer and brother  david  and paul and laura and  jake and Page . We saw all the animals. And we was home. Tthe end.            


August 27, 2013

by Stuart M. We are going  to a camp site. Mum said we had the camp site for  three days because every campsite was booked. We got  some  stuff in the car and we hit the road. We passed big rivers, wee  rivers, amd mountains and mountain passes and we went through towns and we […]