Canoeing by Kieran.

September 12, 2013

by Kieran. We went canoeing last Tuesday. Mr Antolak,Stuart, Jay, Liam, Kian, Dylan, April,Tammie, Mrs Brown, Reece and me all went. We went on a minibus and James was driving. We drived to there, Loch Ard. And we started to change our clothes. We put on safety jackets and we took the canoes down to […]


September 12, 2013

by Kian . Once upon a time we got ready for Canoeing. James took van to  Loch Ard. After James got the key for the gate, we got his swimming costumes on ansd we had to find a pair of shoes to wear. After we need to wait for Reece, James taught us how to use […]

Jay’s Canoeing trip.

September 11, 2013

  We went canoeing and we got a snack and then we got our wet suits on and our wet shoes and our life jackets. The wet suits were very tight. Then got the canoes down to the water and then we set off. Then we played a little game and then we went to […]

Boating with Dad.

September 9, 2013

by Stuart. I woke up and my dad was there that day that time. And my dad brought me some food for breakfast. I got eggs, sausages, beans, chicken and bacon. After that I watched TV. I watched the Hero program . It’s about saving all the countries, all the wee villages and the bad […]