by Rielly.

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Once upon a time ther was a boy cold ben and he went on a trip with his coson gen and his granda cold max.. And ben went on a wok and he so a er craft and he fot it wos a shoting star. and it landed.

he went to see wot it is  and he so a wach and the wach gumpt up on his rist and he shoteed  get of . And he manigt to you s it and he tornd into an elion. And the elion wos cold het blasd and he stul shoted getit of.  And he med a forist fayer and ehen he went bak to camp and he you s it and he turnd into an elion. And the elon wos cold wiyld mut.

And he went into the forist and he wos atakt by a gayindt robot and he defeted the robot. And another robot and his woch went of and he turnd into ben and then he herd help and he tornd into an elon. And the eleon wos cold demond hed.  And he cild the robot.

the end.

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  1.   Iona McLean Says:

    Great really liked that


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