Barbie Fairytopia.


by Rielly

fairytopiather wer 3 grls cald aleena  and the 2 wila   and the 3 grl  wos cald rose and ther wos an evil grl wos cald levern and she pot sicnis in the er to stop the fairys to flay and onle a lena cod stop cos she had no wings and at lerverna s cav she pot a spel on alena to pot on anecolis on a fairy gardeon and she wod get hor wings and she stopt and froo the necolis at arendbo and sadle she didn’t get hur wings and the queen cam to fanc aleena and she gav hur a necolis and it turnd hur in to a fairy so she fot leverna wos gon and she wosint and she went to sev a mermad princ from leverna s fungis and she hato saf ham and she hato chand in to a mermad and she sed how to and hor necolis tornd into amermad and she fot loverna and savd the princ and she went hom and a mel cam to hur hous it wos hor frends parte she told hor frends that amel cam and she hato go to a school and lern to opin a flower and a sparcol fairy cant tuch water or she wol los hor lif and loverna mad hur tuch water and she dayd and aleena mad a poshon to cyoor hur and alena went hom and went to hav an other party and and she invited a sparcol fary and she wos having a baby and it was a girl  and she was cald moco and she was born the nects day and moco  had lots of fun with aleena  and leverna  fownd awt about the fary baby and the hid at the mantchon    and the baby gro up and she went to school  and got bolid cos she wos a sparcol fairy and she got homd school   the end .

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