The War of the Zombies and Plants



by Jaden

Sonic had a sword. He sliced off a zombie’s head. Chomper eats the giant zombie. Three headed pea-shooter was fighting mutant giant zombie. Crazy Dave opened the door. He put out a new plant – Fire and Ice Plant.The Ice Plant froze a zombie and the Fire Plant burned a zombie with a sword in his head. Killer Flower just grabs zombies and kills them.Sonic goes to Crazy Daves house and says “we need more reinforcements”. Then a giant peashooter came out and then he got angry and shot out 2 giant balls.Night zombie had a shield and a hand came out of the grave.Then “boom!”Dr Zomboss comes. He says “Sonic, Im coming for you”. Sonic says “no chance you’ll not be getting me!” Squash shouted “You’ll not get him, I’ll squash you”.  Machine peashooter came out. He was shooting at Dr Zomboss. Then a Zombie soldier came out and Double peashooter. The  double peashooter shot the gun out of the zombie’s hand. Hypnomushroom hypnotised a zombie. The zombie had a cup of tea. Then all the plants were drinking tea and so were the zombies.

The End

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    nice one
    from Reece

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