Prince John and the plants v’s zombies.

April 21, 2015

By Jaden The young, strong prince was walking through the woods. He planted some seeds in the woods beside a cottage. There were peashooters and chompers. It only took 1 minute for them to grow. The peashooters were light green and were skinny and tall and had a leaf on their head. The chompers are […]

Three girls.

April 5, 2015

by Rielly. once upon a time there was thee girls and there name was zoe and jesa and dlance and zoe had a bearded dragon  there had a undr wotr kals and dlance had a pet cat and jesa had a pet dog that can flay and zoe wos the yug it and there mum […]

Cops .

April 1, 2015

by Kieran. There was a cop called Johnny and it was very snowy in the middle of the night. He got a telephone call that there was a gun fight in Mingle Place. “An officer was shot. I need Backup”. Then when he was going down the mountain there was a big truck and the […]