Cops .


by Kieran.


There was a cop called Johnny and it was very snowy in the middle of the night. He got a telephone call that there was a gun fight in Mingle Place.

“An officer was shot. I need Backup”.

Then when he was going down the mountain there was a big truck and the truck knocked the police car off the mountain. And the police car landed upside down on its roof and 2 days ago a cop found him and he had an injured eye.

And that cop that was shot was in a hospital. He needed to retire until his eye was better. And twenty years later he was back on the job.And now he’s got a police helicopter.

And I don’t know what will happen next.

The end.

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  1.   lisa mcalley Says:

    Suptise Suprise a cop story. I am glad the cop was ok though. Where is Mingle place lol. Good to see you posting again.


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