Prince John and the plants v’s zombies.


By Jaden

The young, strong prince was walking through the woods. He planted some seeds in the woods beside a cottage. There were peashooters and chompers. It only took 1 minute for them to grow. The peashooters were light green and were skinny and tall and had a leaf on their head. The chompers are bigger, purple with light purple spots and bend forwards. They have sharp teeth.  The prince decided to plant these seeds because his father, the king, had been infected by a zombie and the prince knew the plants needed to kill the zombies.

He found new seeds and planted them – suddenly they were hypnoshrooms. Their bodies were white, eyes black and the top of them were rainbow coloured.

The plants could sense the zombies coming in the fields beside the woods. The peashooters started to shoot at the zombies and the prince took cover inside the cottage.

The peashooter was shooting at disco zombie. Disco Zombie   summond   4 minions and they danced disco dancing and peashooters shot very fast.  The peashooter hit them all. There was more zombies. Chomper was eating the zombie but he takes his time eating.

The prince was in the cottage with his sword. The zombie came to the window and the prince screamed and the peashooter shot the zombie. The peashooters won the battle.

The prince came out of hiding, but was sad because the peashooters had killed the king because he had been a zombie. The prince had a cup of tea with the plants in the woods.


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