Goose Bumps.


Bay Rielly

goose bumps.


Once a pona time ther wer 3 girls called Madde and Sande and Fon.

They loved haloween and on haloseve ther wer so excited and mandde was not happy about being a duck and she went past a shop and she stol a honted mask and she scerd fon and sande and the sed tek that mask of it is scare so she taked the mask of and then she poted it bak on that was 3 times and she coodent tek the mask of fon and sande sed tek the mask of ok help I cand on other is not a lint her hasto be a lint her isint so mandde ran and ran to the shop and the ceeper sed of cors you cand tecit of it is honded hhhhhonded yes you neto find the thing of love love yes ok and she found love a hed of hur from her mum and dad and then she buried that eevol mask for ever

the end goost bumps.

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  1.   weebeakymeg Says:

    great story rielly its your cousin meghan and my friend rebecca (wee beaky) we loved your story it was great and not really imaginitive but it was swaggily awesome xx


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