My little pony.


Pinkie_Pie by Rielly .

Once apona time ther was a new pone in towne her name was twiliet sparkal and she didn’t want to stay for findig friend and twilit fawnd a pone cald pinke pie.

and pinke pie sead hohoho. twiliet sed ok al looke for som pone els wer. ok ok ok ok weho hay wats your nam my nam is apple jack ok my neam is twilit sparkle ye princess lona and queen clestea ar looking for you the have in portint thing princess loona your hinic appl jack sed yous want to see me yes you’re a princess twaylit stop loona from chenjing into som won cald nite mer moon she chenges evre night onle night we thingc it is her powers awt of control on wat if no you net to help my sister naw find frends to help you ok ok apple jack help yes ay now lets get mor pones pinke help ok rembow dash hos the no ple pone you pones rembow help lona lona the prencess lona yes pawers awt of control ok al help lets get rarity yes rerite ok al help you seve the princess lets getfluter shay fluter shay yes can you help twilit yes to save the princess befor its tolet ok lets get the elimints of harmane ok the elamants lets go to the princess renbo not naw ar you shor we neto gown aw way be cas we hav 5 minits on no lets go princess lona drink naw ok glglglglglgl didit work but rembow dash poysind it no no no she is ded on ho posend it not me not me not me not me not me not me not me ho didit ho ever poysend it is going to the dungen queen clestea yes renbow dash ay poysend it way way ay was gelish don’t send her to the dungin ok and princess lona waked up lona my little sister party ok sela bret.

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    the spelling is really bad


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