The Soldier and the Helicopter.


By Kieran       soldiers

Once upon a time there was a soldier coming back from the war. Half of his stuff was French because somebody robbed him and the other man who robbed him him stealed him weapons.The soldier robbed the man what robbed him and the soldier found a town and him buyed some guns. Then him started to take money out the bank. Then him find a car and he drove off in it into the desert. Then some Frenchmen what was soldiers had a machine gun at the back of their car. Then he started shooting at the soldier. Then the bad guys ran away and the soldier’s car blowed up. Then the soldier made a camp fire and him had a tent on him. Him make the tent. Two days later there was an army van driving past. Then stopped. Then the soldiers picked up the other soldier and the soldier had a broken leg. Then the soldier was dropped off at an army base. Then an army helicopter was coming to take him to hospital but when them taked off a missile hitted the helicopter and the helicopter landed right next to a hospital. Then an ambulance  comed and taked him in.

The End.

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  1.   Lisa Says:

    Karla says she likes the part when the helicopter blew up and Kierans stories are the best.


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