Leni and Max.


by Kieran.


Once upon a time a wos a man called max him wos a cop. He was a police handler for dogs.

He had a dog called Leni. Anb max went to a callout. A wos shots fired and he saw someone running down the alleyway. Leni went after him and max jumped into his policecar. When he got to the other side he jumped out and pointed his tazer at the person.

Then Leni the policedog jumped on the person the Max founded a shotgun on his person and Leni and Max went in  the police car and the criminal was in the back of the police car.

The criminal’s name was Johnny Chest!

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  1.   Lisa Says:

    Another good story Kieran. I am glad the bad person was caught this time. Keep the stories up. Kieran just told me that the bad man was eating a doughnut and the policeman wanted the doughnut.

    Love Mum


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