Plane adventure.


dogBy Kieran.

Once upona a time a was man he name was john he was a cop in an airport he home is a big home he got a motarbaek hem got a dog wot name was Lenny was a cop dog join wos at work and Lenny  went in john car where them got to wark them got in tojohn lenny copcar they got a call out the call was an aeroplane crash on the runway it hat  2000 persons on aeroplane. They were going to a call out a code 3 which means the lights and sirens were on. There were 10 fire engines there and 20 ambulances. The were 40 police cars and 2 police helicopters. The firemen went into the airplane and the pilot was dead. Most of the crew dead and 10 were injured. There was a SWAT van 4. They were making a barrage with the SWAT vans. The crew members who weren’t hurt was going in the airplane and letting everyone out but the gas pump was on fire they tried to get everyone out. The Policemen were going on buses to get everyone away from the airplane before it blew up. But it BLEW UP. And there were 20 cops dead and 4 buses blowed up but they was empty and there was 40 double decker buses. The drived away with all the persons on!

The end.

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  1.   Lisa Says:

    Oh Kieran what a sad story. I love reading your blogs but can you do cheerier stories please. Maybe you can write about our holiday
    in Blackpool.


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