The Prison Life.


by Kieran.

once upon a time there  was a. man he wos called Johe  he wos a soldier.

his friends names were max Aiden and luki.

and his boss’s nam wos sam he wos a nice boss. but us wos at war enemy wos Germany. they were holding us back in the trenches .

we brought 100 tanks but Germany bring in. Germany 600 bombers. we is losen the war.    we surrendered Germany had 9000 men we only got 100 men we were taken to Jail cells even the general one of the men found a pocket knife hm scap a guard hm took the body and hid it under bed hm wen it is luns tim hm tookt the pistol the hm shot a guards l men tookt 13 pistols the at night time lem mact a riot . they took over the prison then they went home and carried on with their lives

the END


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  1.   Lisa Says:

    Hi Kieran.
    I am glad to hear everyone got out and went back to their lives. It must have been very scary in prison. I like reading your blogs but I would like to read a happier story….that doesn’t include wars tanks police and fights. If you want a idea then write a long story about Xmas….Perhaps something happens to Santa when he tries to deliver presents?

    Mum. x


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