Clash of Rome


by Harris

Once upon a time there was a team of romans then when the romans went to the house and then when he went to the secret temple.Then when they got there one of the romans found the secret sword of the secret lion and its gold and it is as hard as metal and then when they got back to the city and then when they got back then they greeks tane his master then when they killed the master the roman sun went on a rampage and then all of the greeks where dead and then they had to find a new house and then they found a temple of light and then they lived there.   To be continued.

Part two.  then when they got to the temple of light and after they found the temple of life and love and they put the master on the plate of life and then he was brough back to life and everyone was happy again then out of nowhere a fire ball came flying in and its was a greek beast and then the skeleton army came out of the ground and they had 1000 skelitons and there was 5000 romans and then the romans went back hame to his master and then they tane the army base and then the army came from the sky and then when they landed the army helped the romans and then there were 5500 and then the greeks came with 10.000 men and then only the romans master was left the end.

by Harris

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