Jamie and Jay quadriding


Robbie 02.05.17

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jamie. He went to ride his quad. Instead, he fell off it.

He sold it and he got a motorbike. He went riding on it on the track He got really good at it. He went to someone called Jay. Jay and Jamie went to ride the motorbike at the track. Then Jay started riding it and Jamie told him, “This is how you do it”.

And then Jay went to get his motorbike.He started riding the motorbike on the track. He did some of the stunts. And he said “I’m better off with the quad”, and he sold his motorbike to get the quad. And then he went to the quad shop in Falkirk to get it. He said to his mum:”I’ve got a new quad bike. It goes really, really fast. Did you pick up the trailer?”

“No,” she said.”I’ll go and buy a trailer”.

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