Blogging Rules


Blogging Rules!

Don’t post anything that could hurt anyone

Don’t post personal information – such as your home phone number or home address

Dont post photographs of people (unless you have teacher permission)

Don’t share your Password with anyone

Don’t make arrangements to meet anyone over the internet!!

Do obey the ‘Grandmother rule’ – anything you put on the internet could be read by your grandmother so only write things you could say to the nicest of grannies

Do use only first names

Do tell your parents or teacher if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable

2 Responses to “Blogging Rules”

  1.   CA Says:

    Hi, Im CA and im from Metairie, Louisiana in the United States of America. the book that we are reading in our English class is “Flipped”

  2.   Deanburn Says:

    Hello CA,

    this is jay and Tammie from Scotland.
    What is flipped about?


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