Christmas Horror.

November 4, 2015


By Kieran

One Christmas day santa is out on Christmas night hm got shot down fom the sky hm crashed landed in a policesstation the santa  was chased by the policemen. a kind lide let Santa in his house.he let santa into his basement the  policesmen ran past the lady he has an airport hm took santa bak to North pole santa let the lddy stay wif santa.

the END

The Prison Life.

November 3, 2015


by Kieran.

once upon a time there  was a. man he wos called Johe  he wos a soldier.

his friends names were max Aiden and luki.

and his boss’s nam wos sam he wos a nice boss. but us wos at war enemy wos Germany. they were holding us back in the trenches .

we brought 100 tanks but Germany bring in. Germany 600 bombers. we is losen the war.    we surrendered Germany had 9000 men we only got 100 men we were taken to Jail cells even the general one of the men found a pocket knife hm scap a guard hm took the body and hid it under bed hm wen it is luns tim hm tookt the pistol the hm shot a guards l men tookt 13 pistols the at night time lem mact a riot . they took over the prison then they went home and carried on with their lives

the END


The Haunted Mansion.

October 28, 2015


By Kieran

haunted house

Once upon a time the is a man hm is homeless hm lift unda a highway wun day hm fundit     bag of gold hm name is Freddy hm buy a Lamborgini hm got a mansion put  hm mansion is haunted.the END TNT

The Magic of Christmas.

October 28, 2015


By Jayden                                                                      



snow men were coming eat the cake santa sed no this cake is for my dotor  the ice was melton

People were meltin Olof the ice 

sow  a big ice monster

   Bang bang ol of the  A monstor  came To recke them ol

Dea end


October 22, 2015


by Kieran.

Once upon a time the wos a man cold gary.

He is a paramedic in the army he got a call out him got in he ambulance went in code tw0 it wos a tank blowup and a was a soldier got a broken leg the soldier is unconscious.

the End

Plane adventure.

September 2, 2015


dogBy Kieran.

Once upona a time a was man he name was john he was a cop in an airport he home is a big home he got a motarbaek hem got a dog wot name was Lenny was a cop dog join wos at work and Lenny  went in john car where them got to wark them got in tojohn lenny copcar they got a call out the call was an aeroplane crash on the runway it hat  2000 persons on aeroplane. They were going to a call out a code 3 which means the lights and sirens were on. There were 10 fire engines there and 20 ambulances. The were 40 police cars and 2 police helicopters. The firemen went into the airplane and the pilot was dead. Most of the crew dead and 10 were injured. There was a SWAT van 4. They were making a barrage with the SWAT vans. The crew members who weren’t hurt was going in the airplane and letting everyone out but the gas pump was on fire they tried to get everyone out. The Policemen were going on buses to get everyone away from the airplane before it blew up. But it BLEW UP. And there were 20 cops dead and 4 buses blowed up but they was empty and there was 40 double decker buses. The drived away with all the persons on!

The end.

My Story .

August 28, 2015


by Harris


today im going for Jayden and kain and were going to play kains XBOX on wrestling and its me vs kian # vs Jayden and we use chairs and baseballbat. and we will play call of duty black ops 3. and after that we might go out to play.

the end

by from harris.

Leni and Max.

June 15, 2015


by Kieran.


Once upon a time a wos a man called max him wos a cop. He was a police handler for dogs.

He had a dog called Leni. Anb max went to a callout. A wos shots fired and he saw someone running down the alleyway. Leni went after him and max jumped into his policecar. When he got to the other side he jumped out and pointed his tazer at the person.

Then Leni the policedog jumped on the person the Max founded a shotgun on his person and Leni and Max went in  the police car and the criminal was in the back of the police car.

The criminal’s name was Johnny Chest!

Shooting Star.

June 2, 2015


by Rielly

shooting star

once upon a time ther was a boy cold ben and he went ona trip with his coson gen and his granda cold max and ben went ona wok and he so a er craft and he fot it wos a shoting star and it landed he went to see wot it is  and he so a wach and the wach gumpt up on his rist and he shoteed  get of and he manigt to you s it and he tornd into an elion and the elion wos cold het blasd and he stul shoted getit of  and he med a forist fayer and ehen he went bak to camp and he you s it and he turnd into anelion  and the elon wos cold wiyld mut and he went into the forist and he wos atakt by a gayindt robot and he defeted the robot and another robot and his woch went of and he turnd into ben and then he herd help and he tornd into anelon and the eleon wos cold demond hed  and he cild the robot

the end


June 1, 2015


by Jayden

Once upon a time ther lived a person cowd stev he went to the end to kill the ender dragon he has a100,0000 health and  the wither has 700,00000          health stev  wos it soste      he loocs lick this




The end.

The Soldier and the Helicopter.

June 1, 2015


By Kieran       soldiers

Once upon a time there was a soldier coming back from the war. Half of his stuff was French because somebody robbed him and the other man who robbed him him stealed him weapons.The soldier robbed the man what robbed him and the soldier found a town and him buyed some guns. Then him started to take money out the bank. Then him find a car and he drove off in it into the desert. Then some Frenchmen what was soldiers had a machine gun at the back of their car. Then he started shooting at the soldier. Then the bad guys ran away and the soldier’s car blowed up. Then the soldier made a camp fire and him had a tent on him. Him make the tent. Two days later there was an army van driving past. Then stopped. Then the soldiers picked up the other soldier and the soldier had a broken leg. Then the soldier was dropped off at an army base. Then an army helicopter was coming to take him to hospital but when them taked off a missile hitted the helicopter and the helicopter landed right next to a hospital. Then an ambulance  comed and taked him in.

The End.

Three Princesses.

May 4, 2015


by Rielly.


once a pon a time ther wos 3 princess cald dlance and hadle bler and an evel princess hoe was no gust a pincess she was a fairy and the tok evre wons magic and the wer onle 3 girles ho can stop her and the manig to stop him ba yos ing magic the onle had and yost it and evre thing was bact to home .

My little pony.

May 4, 2015


Pinkie_Pie by Rielly .

Once apona time ther was a new pone in towne her name was twiliet sparkal and she didn’t want to stay for findig friend and twilit fawnd a pone cald pinke pie.

and pinke pie sead hohoho. twiliet sed ok al looke for som pone els wer. ok ok ok ok weho hay wats your nam my nam is apple jack ok my neam is twilit sparkle ye princess lona and queen clestea ar looking for you the have in portint thing princess loona your hinic appl jack sed yous want to see me yes you’re a princess twaylit stop loona from chenjing into som won cald nite mer moon she chenges evre night onle night we thingc it is her powers awt of control on wat if no you net to help my sister naw find frends to help you ok ok apple jack help yes ay now lets get mor pones pinke help ok rembow dash hos the no ple pone you pones rembow help lona lona the prencess lona yes pawers awt of control ok al help lets get rarity yes rerite ok al help you seve the princess lets getfluter shay fluter shay yes can you help twilit yes to save the princess befor its tolet ok lets get the elimints of harmane ok the elamants lets go to the princess renbo not naw ar you shor we neto gown aw way be cas we hav 5 minits on no lets go princess lona drink naw ok glglglglglgl didit work but rembow dash poysind it no no no she is ded on ho posend it not me not me not me not me not me not me not me ho didit ho ever poysend it is going to the dungen queen clestea yes renbow dash ay poysend it way way ay was gelish don’t send her to the dungin ok and princess lona waked up lona my little sister party ok sela bret.

Goose Bumps.

May 4, 2015


Bay Rielly

goose bumps.


Once a pona time ther wer 3 girls called Madde and Sande and Fon.

They loved haloween and on haloseve ther wer so excited and mandde was not happy about being a duck and she went past a shop and she stol a honted mask and she scerd fon and sande and the sed tek that mask of it is scare so she taked the mask of and then she poted it bak on that was 3 times and she coodent tek the mask of fon and sande sed tek the mask of ok help I cand on other is not a lint her hasto be a lint her isint so mandde ran and ran to the shop and the ceeper sed of cors you cand tecit of it is honded hhhhhonded yes you neto find the thing of love love yes ok and she found love a hed of hur from her mum and dad and then she buried that eevol mask for ever

the end goost bumps.

Prince John and the plants v’s zombies.

April 21, 2015


By Jaden

The young, strong prince was walking through the woods. He planted some seeds in the woods beside a cottage. There were peashooters and chompers. It only took 1 minute for them to grow. The peashooters were light green and were skinny and tall and had a leaf on their head. The chompers are bigger, purple with light purple spots and bend forwards. They have sharp teeth.  The prince decided to plant these seeds because his father, the king, had been infected by a zombie and the prince knew the plants needed to kill the zombies.

He found new seeds and planted them – suddenly they were hypnoshrooms. Their bodies were white, eyes black and the top of them were rainbow coloured.

The plants could sense the zombies coming in the fields beside the woods. The peashooters started to shoot at the zombies and the prince took cover inside the cottage.

The peashooter was shooting at disco zombie. Disco Zombie   summond   4 minions and they danced disco dancing and peashooters shot very fast.  The peashooter hit them all. There was more zombies. Chomper was eating the zombie but he takes his time eating.

The prince was in the cottage with his sword. The zombie came to the window and the prince screamed and the peashooter shot the zombie. The peashooters won the battle.

The prince came out of hiding, but was sad because the peashooters had killed the king because he had been a zombie. The prince had a cup of tea with the plants in the woods.


Three girls.

April 5, 2015


by Rielly.

bearded dragon

once upon a time there was thee girls and there name was zoe and jesa and dlance and zoe had a bearded dragon  there had a undr wotr kals and dlance had a pet cat and jesa had a pet dog that can flay and zoe wos the yug it and there mum and dad was wur meen and there pot us in the dugin of doom and mum brun sum food she is not that meen but dad wos men so jesa got dad toy so he lis jesa mor and us so zoe run a wa so jesa got zoe and so she got home and jeas was home to dlance had wun whis to be a frar

the end