The White Lady of Kinneil

February 23, 2017


by Jack.

Once upon a time in Kinneil House, a young girl named Lady Alice, where she lived or something like that. But she was white, pretty and young.

But then, one day, a young man came (and often) and wanted to marry her and run away. But she didn’t like that and she ran away. And the man her father caught her and put her back in the room. And when she stayed in her room for hours, she stuck away with him, her boyfriend that she loved. But he tried to make a plan, but it was not good for she was seen.  And there was nothing in her heart.

And when the horse moved to the front, she was died. Died on the rocks and rolled down the hill. And all there she lay. And the old man was not here, at the tree. And the old lady kept staying there forever at the dead rocks. And then they  believed she will die.

The ghost she had, was truly a ghost. If she could only learn to love another. Then someone could find the boyfriend and bring him back to Lady Lilbourne and the spell would be broken. If not, she would be doomed to remain a ghost for all time.

As the years passed, she fell to despair and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to find a ghost.

The Wicked Stepmother and dad

February 9, 2016


by Tammie

once a upon atime there was a princess and was Abby and she had a sistar collde emma and they love to play wife their pets. and abby had a dog and emma had a cat and wen the mum and dad died

and wen thay. died they had a stap mum and dad and thay wor eval so thay wor so sad and thay got cpchar in the dungin so thay sat for hap but it didn’t work ont so the dog and the cat a thak the mum and dad so I brok out and me so wee left

the howes and they ran a way for evar

the end

Twin Towers

December 10, 2015


By Kieran

one day there was a man he is going to his work and his work is in the twin towers as a security man his office is at the very top but one day he was looking out of the window but he saw two airplanes coming towards him but before he phoned the police ambulance and firemen after he went to get everyone out

The story about Car buddies.

November 9, 2015


by Kian

One day Me and big Malcolm We wat to burger king
Me and big Malcolm got free chip and we wat to the car to go home
Wat I got home
And I wat to bed

the end


November 9, 2015


BY Kieran

Once upon a time there is a man his name is Max Anderson him is in car him car is a Lambourgini hm wend on the highway BUT a bus hit max Lambegini the Lambegini flipped max wend fiying out through the window land on a top of a ambula ce booounced off the top amblance on top of Deanbru ps

the end

The Crash.

November 9, 2015


By Kieran. CHE10172d


One upon a time the wos a man wot got a job of a security he got a security car in a airport a aeroplane carst on the runway the wos 20 fireturk 90 ambulance and 99 policescars evy wun got out avg life went home and had a big patey the END



November 9, 2015


by Becca

Mrs Brown and my walkie-talkies R in a box.

We went to the library and the playground.

Stranded on the island

November 4, 2015


by Kieran

once upon a time there was a man he was in an aeroplane flying over the  Bermuda triangle it was thunder and lightning . An eoroplane was hit by lighning but the man jumpedou. He had a parachute.the man landed on an lsland in the widdle of nowhese on the lslaud theve was on old runed house theve was an lnfiabl boot with 10 bottles of petvol he blew the boot up then he went      home when he was home he bought a loltery ticket he won the lottery aud got £9000 he boyght a mansion

School blue bag.

November 4, 2015


by Reece,

Blue resuable1

BY Reece

this storys about a little girl who has taken the school blue bag and their were nothing in and a man named corn a clown ran trough the corn field and cried cause has a fever and has fat 1000 stone and just quick story the end by reece

Christmas Horror.

November 4, 2015


By Kieran

One Christmas day santa is out on Christmas night hm got shot down fom the sky hm crashed landed in a policesstation the santa  was chased by the policemen. a kind lide let Santa in his house.he let santa into his basement the  policesmen ran past the lady he has an airport hm took santa bak to North pole santa let the lddy stay wif santa.

the END

The Prison Life.

November 3, 2015


by Kieran.

once upon a time there  was a. man he wos called Johe  he wos a soldier.

his friends names were max Aiden and luki.

and his boss’s nam wos sam he wos a nice boss. but us wos at war enemy wos Germany. they were holding us back in the trenches .

we brought 100 tanks but Germany bring in. Germany 600 bombers. we is losen the war.    we surrendered Germany had 9000 men we only got 100 men we were taken to Jail cells even the general one of the men found a pocket knife hm scap a guard hm took the body and hid it under bed hm wen it is luns tim hm tookt the pistol the hm shot a guards l men tookt 13 pistols the at night time lem mact a riot . they took over the prison then they went home and carried on with their lives

the END


The Haunted Mansion.

October 28, 2015


By Kieran

haunted house

Once upon a time the is a man hm is homeless hm lift unda a highway wun day hm fundit     bag of gold hm name is Freddy hm buy a Lamborgini hm got a mansion put  hm mansion is haunted.the END TNT

The Magic of Christmas.

October 28, 2015


By Jayden                                                                      



snow men were coming eat the cake santa sed no this cake is for my dotor  the ice was melton

People were meltin Olof the ice 

sow  a big ice monster

   Bang bang ol of the  A monstor  came To recke them ol

Dea end


October 22, 2015


by Kieran.

Once upon a time the wos a man cold gary.

He is a paramedic in the army he got a call out him got in he ambulance went in code tw0 it wos a tank blowup and a was a soldier got a broken leg the soldier is unconscious.

the End

Plane adventure.

September 2, 2015


dogBy Kieran.

Once upona a time a was man he name was john he was a cop in an airport he home is a big home he got a motarbaek hem got a dog wot name was Lenny was a cop dog join wos at work and Lenny  went in john car where them got to wark them got in tojohn lenny copcar they got a call out the call was an aeroplane crash on the runway it hat  2000 persons on aeroplane. They were going to a call out a code 3 which means the lights and sirens were on. There were 10 fire engines there and 20 ambulances. The were 40 police cars and 2 police helicopters. The firemen went into the airplane and the pilot was dead. Most of the crew dead and 10 were injured. There was a SWAT van 4. They were making a barrage with the SWAT vans. The crew members who weren’t hurt was going in the airplane and letting everyone out but the gas pump was on fire they tried to get everyone out. The Policemen were going on buses to get everyone away from the airplane before it blew up. But it BLEW UP. And there were 20 cops dead and 4 buses blowed up but they was empty and there was 40 double decker buses. The drived away with all the persons on!

The end.

My Story .

August 28, 2015


by Harris


today im going for Jayden and kain and were going to play kains XBOX on wrestling and its me vs kian # vs Jayden and we use chairs and baseballbat. and we will play call of duty black ops 3. and after that we might go out to play.

the end

by from harris.