Roamer, Bee Bot and the Sound of Evil.

May 29, 2011

by Dylan N. “Ow”, screamed Roamer. Bee Bot came rushing. “What is the matter?” he said. “My wheel has been hurt. It really hurts”. “Oh no”, said Bee Bot anxious. “Get a doctor”. “Right”, said Bee Bot. He ran to the phone picked it up and dialled 911. “Hello, hello”, said Bee Bot. “HELLO”, said […]

Roamer, Bee Bot and the Deanburn Windmill

April 3, 2011

By Dylan N Up on the hill, Deanburn was missing the wind mill, because it had fallen down in the wind. How awful. Later on Thursday morning, Scott and Dean were at Mr. Antolak’s classroom. They were sad. “I miss the wind mill”, said Dean wailing. “Me too”, said Scott. “Who said broken?” shouted a […]

Roamer and Bee Bot and the Secret Mission

September 3, 2010

by Cambell Roamer and Bee Bot and the Secret Mission “Run after the devil”, said Bee Bot. “I kill Roamer”, said the devil. Roamer said “NO”. Today  Roamer  found $100. Roamer picked up the $100. Roamer saw the devil. Roamer pushed the devil in the volcano. Never see again.

Roamer and Bee Bot and the night before Christmas.

August 26, 2010

by Dylan N Roamer was outside in the garden watering the flowers and Bee Bot was doing house work in the truck. It was getting close to Xmas. Bee Bot said, “Roamer, not even Utaka could steal our presents”. “That’s just right”, shouted BeeBot. All roamers hate Utaka. Soon the truck was clean. “Well done, […]

Roamer and Bee Bot and the Loch Ness Monster

June 14, 2010

by Dylan Once upon a time there was a Loch Ness monster that always hid in the loch. One day Roamer and Bee Bot were at Loch Ness fishing. Roamer got the big fish until they heard a roaring noise. Roamer and Bee Bot went to look. It got even louder. Roamer and Bee Bot […]