February 5, 2015

by Jayden. Whales like to eat little fish but Killer Whales will eat seals and penguins. Some whales live in ship wrecks. Whales are not fish. They wouldn’t make good pets because they wouldn’t fit in a fish bowl. Some people fling spears at whales because they like to eat them. Moby Dick was a […]


January 5, 2015

By Tammie One time it wos cristmus and wen ay wock up and wen ay loct undr the chree and ay opin the prest it wos a toy dog ay wos so hapay and the nest present wos arojascat ay wos so hapay so wen the presritwur finist we had dinarthen we had podin that […]

My new cat.

November 19, 2014

by Kieran I got a cat last night. A kitten. Her name is lexi and she is a Bengal cross. It’s an inside cat. It’s too young to go out.  

Firework Night.

November 5, 2014

Stuart M. Firework Night. We were going to see fireworks in our garden. Me, my sister, my brother and my wee sister and my dad. We saw lots of big fireworks going up in the air. After that we saw lots of fireworks in the air. We saw fireworks on the ground too. The Catherine […]

To Edinburgh.

October 22, 2014

 by Kieran. I went to Edinburgh to meet my Dad.  My Mum sister and brother also went.  We meet Dad at the train station. Next we went to see his hotel. It was a very nice hotel. Then we all went to Mac Donalds for a treat.  I had cheeseburger and a cup of tea. […]

Barbie Fairytopia.

October 5, 2014

by Rielly ther wer 3 grls cald aleena  and the 2 wila   and the 3 grl  wos cald rose and ther wos an evil grl wos cald levern and she pot sicnis in the er to stop the fairys to flay and onle a lena cod stop cos she had no wings and at lerverna […]

Sonic versus the Viking

September 5, 2014

by Jaden  and Kian. Sonic was running to the castle until he saw the Vikings destroying the castle. Sonic was angry and stabbed them with swords.Ironman came and shot Sonic he bounced four times. Sonic survived because he was a great jumper.Sonic fought the Viking and won.  Finally he fought Ironman and then he shot […]


May 24, 2012

by Dylan N. Alcatraz is an island in San Francisco which is probably the most fascinating island in San Francisco. It is also known as a prison which was the most brutal and cruel prisons in the world. Convicts were killed tortured there which was horrible. But then the prison was shut down because of […]

Conan the Barbarian.

May 24, 2012

by Liam. Conan’s mother did not have him yet. There was a battle in the city. She was stabbed in her back. Conan’s father stabbed him. He cut Conan out of his mum’s belly.  The Barbarians won the battle. Conan was raised by his father. When he was 12 Conan ran up to his father […]

Ross and the three little pigs.

May 24, 2012

 by Ross. Once upon a time, there was three little pigs. One was called Peter Pan. One was called Batman. And the last one was Robin. The three little pigs got some bricks and straw and sticks and they made three houses out of them. The first one built a house of straw. The second […]

Swim Tuesday.

April 25, 2012

by Dylan   L .  Swim Tuesday. Every Tuesday I go to swimming. I like swimming. Next Tuesday I’m going to try at the deep end. Last week I swam at the shallow end. After swimming I am going to the woods. I like the woods and I like Gina and Nicola because they are nice.

On my easter Holidays.

April 22, 2012

By Haris. Thursday 19th april 2012 . chapter 1.  the good part. My cousins from Birmingham  came to my house for 10 days. They bought us  a game called The New Call of Duty mw3. We ate easter eggs. About Saturday, we all went to train station to eat and drink. Chapter 2.  the train part. […]


April 18, 2012

by Ross. My friend is Harry Potter. He is in my class P3. I play with him at football. He made the ball fly and then I flied. I catched the ball when it came down and I threw it to Harry Potter. And he put the ball high over my head. And I ran […]


March 27, 2012

by Dylan N. In a time when warriors fought against other warriors, it was not so loud as any other sound. The Mannders fought against Rodna. Rodna is a city home to the Rodners and they are really bad people. The citizens are good but the guards are bad. But the worst thing bad is […]

Mervan Chelik.

March 27, 2012

by Scott. I like football. My favourite team is Rangers. In January transfer window, Rangers signed a player called Mervan Chelik who came on as a substitute against Hibernian. But never really had anything to do. But I don’t know if he will do well at Rangers. He may turn out a good player but […]


March 22, 2012

By Scott Scotland are down the bottom of the table in the Rugby Six Nations. One of my favourite Scotland players are Ritchie Gray, and I think it is Dan Parks. And we done pretty good in the World Cup. I think Scotland have got to get better at rugby to have more success. I […]