Ghost in South East Tamara.

February 11, 2012

by Dylan N. Long ago, there was a big mansion that had a big family in it. It really nice with a white colour on the mansion. But one night a bad thing happened. An evil ghost from 1845 had come to curse the mansion and take it over. Then it was cursed and everyone […]

Night at the Haunted Hotel. Part 4.

December 15, 2011

by Dylan N. Almost then, everything was all silent. “Dylan N, wake up”, shouted a voice. Then Dylan N got to his feet and saw a big person. “Hello Dylan N. My name is Ivan. I am sage of six. We’re the six sages. You must be Dean’s cousin. Is that right?” “Sure”, said Dylan […]

The Ghost Story. Part One.

November 25, 2011

by Liam. Four ghosts were out. One of them had nothing to do. He started to die. So all the ghosts have to make themselves busy or they will die. The leader of the ghosts, she sent eighteen ghosts to fight the vampires. The ghosts won. They had a party that lasted for eighty five […]

Night at the Haunted Hotel. Part 2.

November 15, 2011

by Dylan N. “ It’s great to be home”, said Scott, “after what happened a couple of days ago”. “Yeah”, said Dylan. “It sure is”. Dean came in. He was tired. “Must find bed”, he said. Ace was glad. He was really happy. “Let’s watch some movies”, said Dylan. “Yeah, let’s do this”, said Scott. […]

Ghost story.

November 1, 2011

By Spencer. Me and my friend is looking for treasure and we saw something but it was a cup. “Where is the treasure?” said Kian. “I think I know where it is”. “And did you find it?” said Kian. “Yes I did”, said me. We opened it. “ AAAAAAAAAAA!” said Kian. “It is a ghost”, […]


October 30, 2011

by Ace, Dean, Darren, Scott and Dylan N. I was getting in bed at night and it was getting really dark. I was getting into bed and I pulled the cover right over me to keep me warm when I heard noises coming from outside. The noises were coming from this spooky house next door. […]

Night at the haunted hotel.

October 10, 2011

by Dylan N. Once upon a time there were 5 boys called Dylan n and Dean and Scott and Darren and Ace. They were boys who always had laughs. One night they were going fishing in the lake trying to catch fish. “I’m going to get a bite”, said Dylan. “Oh no you won’t. I […]


September 6, 2011

By Dylan N. “Sam”, called Jimmy. “What”, said Sam. “We’re going on holiday. We’re going camping in Florida”. “Wow. Ok. Ill get the cases packed”. “Yes you better hurry. We’re running late”. “Ok. Cough cough COUGH” “Sam, you got a cold?” “No it’s all the dust in attic”. “Jimmy its 2 o clock. The bus […]


May 16, 2011

By Paul. Ghosts are lost souls. Some people are petrified, but they are just like us but don’t bleed ever. I just said some ghosts are evil. Some can kill you. Some lift objects without their hands. They can go through walls. They can go in your body and control you and go through you. […]