Our Trip to Bannockburn and Stirling Castle

November 26, 2010

by Paul On the twenty-fifth of November, we went on a school trip to Stirling Castle/Bannockburn Centre. We met two knights inside Stirling castle. They were telling us about famous battles. Robert the Bruce was only aged forty when he died. William Wallace wanted to be king, but instead he was a governor. Then William […]

Robert the Bruce

November 26, 2010

By Spencer Robert is the Scottish hero. The English army saw Bruce. The English and Scottish have a battle and the Scottish won and the English had lost. And Robert had been pleased. The Battle of Falkirk. They going to battle there and they getting to battle and they finished the battle. The Scottish won […]

The Jacobites

November 18, 2010

by Dean Last Thursday we were doing a play all about the Jacobites. We made swords and targes out of wood and cardboard. We were wearing tartan. The Jacobites were ghosts because the English Govenrment caught up with them. That’s how they were ghosts.The five children were talking to the Jacobites.The Jacobites told a story […]

The Romans Invaded Britain

November 5, 2010

By Cambell In the first century, like a boy called Cambell, about 19 years old, wanted to be a Roman. The Roman people said “Yes, you can join in, Cambell”. Emperor Claudius sent me to Great Britain, to invade it. Then we had 2,000 men. All our soldiers started to attack Great Britain. The Romans […]

William Wallace and Dylan

May 27, 2010

by Dylan N Once upon a time there was a warrior called William. He had a cave. One day he was sitting near the river standing on the bridge. But then a little man came down the path and looked at William. “Hello”, said the man. William did not reply. “I am Dylan. I heard […]

William Wallace.

May 14, 2010

By Spencer William Wallace died 800 years ago. Wallace cave is near to the water. It’s rock and it’s got a picture in it. We went under the bridge and it says your echo. I shouted “Hello!” It says, “Hello” back. And I went to get a playpiece to eat. I threw a stone into […]

William Wallace

February 19, 2010

by Jonathan M. This is Jonathan M with a very sad, and happy, story. Once upon a time ago in Scotland there was a young boy called William Wallace whose dad died against the English. When at his dad’s funeral, William noticed he will fight the English. William Wallace went down to the bottom of […]