On my easter Holidays.

April 22, 2012

By Haris. Thursday 19th april 2012 . chapter 1.  the good part. My cousins from Birmingham  came to my house for 10 days. They bought us  a game called The New Call of Duty mw3. We ate easter eggs. About Saturday, we all went to train station to eat and drink. Chapter 2.  the train part. […]

Seton Sands.

November 15, 2011

by Brad. When I went on holiday at Seton Sands, I got to go to the beach and go to the arcade. And I bought toys and gambled games and I had to pay a pound to play. And I got to go to the park and a gigantic soft play and it was so […]


October 10, 2011

by Dylan L. I Like Tunisia. I liked the water It was nice. And I liked the shows. Tunisia is the best. I liked the aeroplane.


May 27, 2011

By Jay. At Blackpool I went on a scary rollercoaster what goes upside down and I was there for 2 hours and I went on the Pepsi max slide and I went the bouncy castle and I went on the dodgems. Then I went on the camels. Then I saw a fish in the water […]

Tunisian Holiday

May 3, 2011

by Corey. Tunisia was great! There was a swimming pool and the drinks were all exclusive ! Best holiday ever. I saw a deadly scorpion.  SCARY! I scored a hat trick at football. I also played water polo . I played 5 games and saved 40/45 shots . The hotel had three stars and my […]

My Trip to Alton Towers

April 26, 2011

By Jay (scribed). I went on this boat and there were big waterfalls. Scary! And I went on a big round boat. It turns on the water. Not scary, but I kept moving. I was scared by the waves. Then I went on a rollercoaster with my dad. That was fun. And I was crying. […]

After the Holidays

August 31, 2010

by Haris Tuesday 31st August 2010 After the summer holidays we go back to School. If you starting school, you should go to school. If you are sick, go to home play, games or do the housework. If you don’t want to play games, watch T.V. Or if you got homework, do it now. Or […]