May 22, 2011

by Paul. LEGO is a toy what you can break and fix. It is very fun. When you have it you can get lego men what are called lego figures. You can get Star Wars lego and you can get it on x-box and x-box 360 and the wii to lego is really fun. You […]

My Lego Model

March 10, 2010

by Daniel It was my own idea. And I made it at home. It was from all my pieces of lego from my box at home. And I done it all myself. I bring it into school all the time. Loads of people like it. And I make other cars and jeeps and lorries. It’s […]

Cool Spiders!

January 27, 2010

Hi. My name is Ace. I like spiders. My real favourite is a Camel Spider. A camel spider doesn’t eat camels. It eats all different kinds of bugs apart from spiders. My other is a Black Widow Spider.