School for Coco, Star, Flutter, Mortimer and Jerry.

May 17, 2011

by Shannon It was early morning at Mortimer’s and Jerry’s home. “Wake up Mortimer and Jerry”, squeaked their mum. Mortimer and Jerry turned around and tried to go back to sleep.  “Come on. You are the only two out of the 4’000’000 childs to be still in bed”.  Mortimer and Jerry looked at their mum, […]

The Power Teddies’ First Battle

February 8, 2011

by Shannon It was the usual day in Ladybird land. Flutter and Coco had just bought fizzy pop and had just escaped the Ladybird Cops (because they just started a fight with Goody-two-Shoes sitty). They ran to Flutter’s home where Gobby (Coco’s weird pet) and Daisy (Flutter’s butterfly pet) were waiting for them. They got […]

The Power Teddies Christmas story

January 20, 2011

By Shannon It was a dark and…. festive day because it was Christmas. Coco ran out of her bed and flew off to meet her friends (Star came too). It wasn’t long before Flutter heard a sound. It was a big roar. Flutter jumped and so did Mortimer (yes I know, but she was still […]

The Power of the Power Teddies

December 13, 2010

By Shannon Hi. Have you ever wonder what I meant by saying “Then Flutter sent them away with her power of water”? Well I will tell you. The power of Every Power Teddy Simba controls wind. Flutter controls water. Coco controls fire. Lara has the power of spy. Nemo controls history. Snow controls snow. Zuk […]