WW2 in the Sky

January 20, 2011

by Jonathan Once upon a time a go in world war 2 in 1939. This is a story about the war 2 in the sky. In 1939 the British and the New Zealand air fighters were fighting the Germans in the sky. The soldiers who were in the planes were on guns and the spitfire […]

The Cold Wars

January 10, 2011

By Jonathan Once upon a time ago (1939) there was some news on Adolf Hitler going to invade Poland. So the British army was going to do something about it. But it was too late. Germany already invaded Poland. Germany broke everything and left no food and took the Poland people prisoner and put them […]

Dylan’s War

November 4, 2010

by Dylan N In 1945 the German soldiers were bombing millions of places like Spain and France and Italy. So the places had to be safe. One day a boy called Dylan was going in to the war. Fighting in the war was kind of dangerous but Dylan just wanted to join. He told his […]

World War II

October 25, 2010

by Jonathan Hello. This is Jonathan with a story about World War 2. In 1939 Britain declared war with Germany, so Germany sent hundreds and thousands planes over to Britain and the German planes bombed Britain. So the British citizens built bomb shelters. Some of the bomb shelters were in the house because some people […]

Ace and Scott against Churchill

October 2, 2010

by Scott and Ace Once upon a time in World War 2 there were two young boys called Scott and Ace. Scott and Ace got to meet Hitler. He gave us guns. Ace got a pistol and Scott got a pistol and other guns. We got a machine gun and we started army training. Hitler […]

Cambell’s War

September 8, 2010

by Cambell Cambell  was in chopper gunner in Germany vs UK.  Cambell shoot a Germany man [who] shoot UK. The UK win. The UK team went to the Whitehouse. Dean and Dylan was trapped in the Whitehouse. The chopper gunner [flew to] the Whitehouse. I save Dean and Dylan.

Scott in World War Three

September 6, 2010

by Scott Once upon a time, in world war three, Scott went to the army. He got army training. He met his uncle John Dick. Scott and his uncle John Dick had to get up early in the morning for their commander. The commander made a decision that Scott and his uncle John Dick were […]

Dylan’s World War

September 1, 2010

by Dylan N In 1900, the German bombers attacked Britain. Dylan and the soldiers ran up the paths. Pvt Snedd was driving a tank. Private Dylan and Sgt Scott and Captain Dean stood in the tower holding rocket launchers. BANG ! It took 15 minutes for the German bombers coming. But then a banging crash […]

World War 2

August 30, 2010

by Jonathan Hello. This is Jonathan M about World War 2. Once upon a time ago in 1939, Germany invaded Poland because Poland didn’t follow Hitler’s commands. So that’s why the Germans invaded Poland. And also Hitler hated Jews. Back in Britan there were ewo 16 year old boys and their names where Joshua and Jonathan. […]

World War Two

August 29, 2010

By Joshua Once upon a time there were two boys called Jonathan and Joshua. Sometimes people called Jonathan (Joke), but his real name is Jonathan. They were two soldiers who fought in world war two. They were on the United Kingdom side. They invaded Germany in 1939. The war ended in 1949. By then they […]

Scott and the Russians

August 23, 2010

by Scott B In world war three, Scott joined the army. He visited the troops. The troops liked him. There was captain Bob. They were ready for world war three. So Scott teamed up with Scotland. They got in the plane. Scott said goodbye to his family. Then they flyed out to Poland. When his […]

The Fight in Helmand

August 23, 2010

by Jonathan M Hello. This is Jonathan with a story about a Scottish soldier in Afghanistan. Once, through 2016, there was a boy called Jonathan and he wanted to join the army. So he joined the army, and it was the Scottish TA army. He was ready to face his 24 weeks of training. Day […]

Into Berlin

June 15, 2010

By Jonathan M Once upon a time ago, in 1916 World War 1, there was this 15 year old boy called Jonathan M. He wanted to join the army but his mom said not in till he’s 16. But it was coming up for his 16th birthday. It was only a week away. So what […]

Saving Private Ryan

June 12, 2010

By Jonathan Once upon a time ago, in 1900, it was quiet in Britain and there were little children playing with their friends. They were three boys called Jonathan, Marc and Jamie. They all growed up together. They were best friends when they were 10 but now Jonathan and Marc are 16 years old and […]

Jonathan and the War with Japan

June 9, 2010

by Jonathan Once upon time ago, in 2010, there was an unfair war with Japan because of World War 2. Because Japan owes Britain money. But they said we owed them money. Then it came world war 3. But Japan teamed up with Germany. Britain had the same team as World War 2 but they […]

The Battle of Bo’ness Field

May 28, 2010

by Jonathan M Hi this is Jonathan M with a good story. Once upon a time ago, in 1657, there was a young boy called Jonathan M. He was a brave Scottish warrior. He had an army called the Scottish Brave Soldiers. His best soldier was Marc S. He was a very brave soldier. And […]